CBB Final: Gary grabs the crown

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 has officially come to an end, with the remaining housemates released from their luxury enclosure back into the outside world to finally face their public.

Emma was on hand to greet the celebrities and take them through the most thorough exit interview of their careers, as she got the scoop on their personal experiences of living in Big Brother’s lair.

Runner up Audley Harrison started his interview by saying that he had entered the house wanting to tell his story, and said that he felt had done that. He also said that he wanted to reintroduce himself to the public.

Emma was keen to find out if Audley had a game plan when he entered the house. ‘I’m a really good game player,’ he said, although he admitted that while he tried to keep his cool he had to ‘bite’ when people took liberties.

Emma asked Audley what his beef was with James and Audley confessed it was all part of the game, saying there was no ‘shame in the game.’

Audley said that he showed so much patience with American actor Gary Busey because he understood him and that it wasn’t just a senior thing. Audley said that he understood that Gary sometimes acted a little entitled and that he saw the grumpy old man in him but he tried to change and adjust. Audley said he knew other old people that made him cringe but you ‘let it go.’

Gary certainly won over the audience at home, as he walked out of the house as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

When joined by Emma for his exit interview Gary said: “It's a surprise and an honour and a tribute to my love for this country and what I learnt about Britain. I know why the word Great is in front of Britain, I can’t wait to take Stephanie and Luke to Stratford Upon Avon...and Liverpool!”

Gary is the first American to ever win Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. He told Emma: “The respect in this country I’ve received in my heart and my spirit is undeniable”.

Talking of his experience he said: “I had no idea, I didn’t know what to expect and the changes that I have made to find my truth.”

Emma asked what he’d learnt about himself in the house: “I didn’t think I was selfish, I didn’t think I was lazy. Big Brother gave me guidance and I paid attention.”

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