CBB: The final thoughts

Get. Ready. To. FINAL!

Before the Celebrities are unleashed back into the big, bad world, Big Brother called them to the diary room to tell all about their experience in the House. 

First is James who says, “It's just been brilliant from day one. It’s been challenging. It’s tested me. I think I’ve experienced every single emotion there is known to man.”

Edele says that it has “honestly has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve had number one records, I’ve been spoilt rotten, I’ve had a beautiful marriage, I’ve fallen in love and it’s up there with the biggest of them, so I’m so glad I came in here.”

George says “this programme just keeps you on edge till the last second, it’s amazing really. I can’t believe I’ve got this far I’m speechless.”

Audley comments “Big Brother has come inside and lifted my spirit and they helped me be me, and being me is ok and I’m ok with that, and I’m thankful to Big Brother for giving me that opportunity to show the British public me.”

Dee says “It’s been lovely... I can’t wait to get out of this place its driving me crazy!”

Gary finishes by saying “I’ve already won, and that’s my truthful feeling in my heart. No matter who the banner goes to, the coat of arms... I’m the winner because I’ve accomplished what I came to do and I didn’t even know what it was I needed to accomplish.”

Don't forget to tune in to the LIVE FINAL tonight, 9pm on Channel 5