Emma presents Prize Island

Emma will join Alexander Armstrong to present ITV's spectacular new game show set on a tropical island.

Contestants will work in couples of either family or friends to take on exhilarating challenges that test their clue-solving skills and relationships in order to win the increasing pile of prizes.

Each episode will begin with four couples, but one will be eliminated after each round, leaving the last two couples battling it out in the final game for the chance to win a brand new car - with a whopping £50,000 locked in the boot.

"I am beyond excited to be one of the presenters of Prize Islan," says Emma. "It promises to be a show like no other, where contestants win unbelievable prizes and get to visit one of the most exotic and beautiful locations on the planet."

"It’s going to be a show that will transport the viewer to the other side of the world every weekend, and I can’t wait to be a part of such an ambitious and unique project for ITV."

Prize Island will air on ITV in 2013.