Emma & Stephen answer your #RealityBites questions

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Question from Soph: What can we expect to see from the new show?

Stephen: A lot of laughs, a lot of shocks and celebrity reality games!!

Emma: ...and a naughtier Stephen?!

Question from Beckii: Who takes longer to get ready for a show? Emma or Stephen?

Stephen: Emma takes two hours but my record of being ready for camera is 4 hours and 52 minutes! Like Simon Cowell, I'll only start when I'm ready... I'm sailing the ship on this one, Willis can wait!!

Emma: Stephen!!

Question from Jenni: I know you've both wanted to do a show together for so long, what inspired this show? How did the concept of the show come about, is it kind of like celebrity juice but with a different edge?

Stephen: With the likes of Big Brother being such a big hit, it just made sense to work on a show that was based on Reality TV, and the great thing is, on Reality Bites, you get to see all the funny reality shows from all across the globe.... plus it's the only thing Emma knows anything about! ;)

It's not really like Celeb Juice other than you've got the host and two sets of panels, but it's very different in that ours is all about Reality! We do have LOTS of fun games and it will be close to the bone, in a really funny way like CJ, but it's the reality shows we're looking at

Question from Ellie: How long is it for and what time? How long have you wanted to do a show together for?

Stephen: It's 45minutes, from 10:30pm on ITV2

Question from Susie: Would you consider doing a reality TV show? 

Stephen: I would like to think I could do I'm A Celeb but I'd end up being the male version of Gemma Collins!

Question from Jill: What is the worst thing you have said by mistake on radio or TV??

Stephen: Oh, I went to introduce posh spice (Victoria Beckham) when she was doing her single with Dane Bowers, and I forgot her name during the introduction... 'Let's hear it for... our guests!' It was horrendous.

Question from Marie: Will the show focus on UK reality TV or incorporate the weird and wonderful from around the world?

Stephen: Yes, exactly that!! There's some hilarious clips from reality TV from around the globe... worth tuning in for!!

Question from Sharon: Stephen....would you consider going on celebrity big brother??????

Stephen: I'm not sure if I could be cooped up for that long!

Question from Katie: Do either of you ever get nervous when doing live TV?

Stephen: Yes I do get nervous quite a lot, just before the show starts, but when we're up and running the nerves turn to excitement!

Question from Charlotte: Will Rylan be on the show at all?

Stephen: Yeah we really hope so! We're filming every show a couple of days before it goes out, so hoping to have him at some point, he'd be a great guest as he knows everything about Reality TV!

Question from Jake: How is this different to other reality shows?

Stephen: It's different from other reality TV shows because it's not a reality TV show...  But it is a gameshow about Reality TV!

Question from Faye: Stephen... I can tell yr a practical joker! What's the best practical joke you've played on a celebrity?

Stephen: Easy! I put coffee granules in the shower head ofHolly Willoughby's dressing room shower! I got sussed out, I was gutted!

Question from Sharon: Do you think reality tv could survive without social media?

Stephen: They've been successful before social media, but social media adds a really fun extra - the point of reality TV is it's shocking, emotional, funny, and you get to share that with your friends

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