Girlfri3nds returns to ITV2

Following a successful first series, Girlfriends returns in 2013.

Hosted by Emma, the series follows three single women of different ages, life experiences and backgrounds as they meet for the first time with a common goal — to find true love. As they search for a partner, they share their experiences and choices, emotionally supporting one another during the dating and decision-making process.

From the auditions in which they’ll see one hundred men, the three women have to narrow down their prospective suitors, selecting six men they would like to get to know further.

Each week, viewers see the three singletons as together they embark on a series of dating scenarios with their potential suitors. Girlfriends follows both the three girls and the boys they’ve chosen, witnessing all the preparations, nerves and trepidation that goes with building relationships in a bid to find true love.

At the end of each episode, the three girls and their ‘dates’ will decide if they wish to continue seeing each other, but the feeling has to be mutual. Will this be a match made in heaven or just another dating disaster?

Coming soon to ITV2.