'I like to think I am a real daredevil'

Reggie and Emma's brand new gameshow Prized Apart sees 10 real-life duos compete for the chance to win £100,000 - with half of each couple sent to complete physical challenges in Morocco, while their loved ones at home tackle general knowledge questions to keep them in the game.

So would Reggie  and Emma be up for the challenges the contestants took on?

How would you explain Prized Apart to your friends?

Emma: It is very much a gameshow, but there are two elements to the game: there is an adventure side to it and then there is a quiz side to it. As long as you can survive the adventure then you will remain in Morocco until the end. If not, you need to rely on having a partner who is very good at general knowledge to get you back out there to the adventure.

Reggie: The stakes are so much higher because two people are fighting for each other. And the contestants are what people are buying into. Because it’s all well and good having these crazy games and stuff, but if you like the people, you’ll buy into their journey. There needs to be heart for you to watch it.

What’s it like working with your Prized Apart co-host?

Reggie: It’s a pleasure working with Emma, she’s the wickedest. It sounds awful but I’ve had many ‘TV wives’ over the years, and I love Emma to bits. She’s just so easy to work with, and chatting with her off-camera she’s exactly the same as when she’s on camera. That’s how I’d like to think I am, too. Love her.

Emma: It’s great because we have wanted to work together again for such a long time. But at the same time it is slightly torturous because I don’t get to see him until the final, so for about seven weeks!

If the pair of you were to compete together in Prized Apart, who’d do the challenges and who would tackle the questions?

Reggie: I know Matt (Willis, Emma’s husband) fairly well, and I think I’d do exactly what Matt would do in the same situation and that is to sort of say: “Babes, seriously, just let me jump. I’ll run, and you handle that bit.” I’m not thick, but I’m definitely not the best when it comes to general knowledge! I’d rather challenge myself in the physical realm if I was to do it.

Emma: I am rubbish at general knowledge! But I am quite into adventure and challenges so I would love to do that. Reggie is terrified of things so it makes sense that he stays in the studio!

How much of a daredevil are you?

Emma: I like to think I am a real daredevil and I am up for anything but I think I am actually quite scared of things. As soon as I had kids my whole mentality changed and now it is all about survival!

Reggie: I’m not. At all. I’m a bit of a homebody, and I’m not the most extreme of men on the planet. The most I think I do in terms of tough physicality is I run, and that’s it. I’m not going to be doing a Tough Mudder through choice any time soon.

Were you tempted to take part in any of the challenges yourself?

Reggie: Nah. Not for me. Although, there was a canyon jump where you hold on to the rope – that looked awesome. Because looking at it, I thought I’d be able to actually do that, it didn’t look that impossible. So yeah, that one maybe. Because you’d feel like a real man after doing that, and I need all the help I can get!

Prized Apart starts on Saturday 13 June at 7pm on BBC One. Each episode will be available in BBC iPlayer for 30 days after broadcast on TV.