Sam Evans wins Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies final

Sam Evans has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies, beating Dexter Koh.

The 23-year-old walked out of the House with the £100,000 jackpot prize in tonight’s Final.

He received unanimous cheers from the crowd as he posed for press photos, before heading in to the studio for his exit interview.

“I can’t believe it, honestly, I’m lost for words,” he told Emma . “I’m trying to think of a comparison but I can’t. Oh my God. I’m shaking.”

Speaking about why he thought he’d connected with the public, Sam suggested: “I think maybe cause I’m willing to stick up for myself even though sometimes I’m in the wrong. I always stick by my point. I won’t let people twist my mind. I hope to God I’ve been entertaining.

“A lot of times I always missed something. When someone tells me after I’ve had a bit of a rant, they say ‘did you not understand that bit’, I’m like, ‘bloody hell, I got that wrong’.

“But with the Dexter situation I knew exactly what was going on.”

Elaborating on his rocky relationship with the celebrity publicist, Sam said: “From the first night he kind of ignored me and stuff.

“I tried my best to get to know him and stuff but he let me down, he told me a few things related to gameplaying and in the end it didn’t make any sense, especially when he had the chance to steal the money. For me it sounded like he was trying to steal a high amount either way.”

The Llanelli resident was then quizzed on his sudden confession of love to close friend Gina Rio last night. “I can explain myself. I was steaming!” he joked.

“It was true like, I do have a really good connection with Gina, if I ever did have a girlfriend I’d want to have that connection, really good conversation that just flows.”

Sam also revealed what he’d do with his money, claiming: “I said this in there, I’ll give 25% to charity, I’ll give 25% to my mother, family and friends, and I’ll put 50% towards my future so I’m secure, to make sure I’m comfortable.”