The Twisted Fairytale: 'It’s got me very excited!'

Emma talks all things Twisted as the latest Celebrities entered Big Brother's cabin in the woods, looking at her favourite moments from Big Brother past, to looking forwards to a fear-filled Fairytale future! Find out what to expect from Emma during this year's most loved reality series.

What have been your favourite CBB moments since you’ve been at the helm? 

Lee Ryan and his amazing love triangle really stands out for me. It was pretty amazing viewing and I think it captured the audience. He made that entire series. Who would have thought the whole series would have been about Lee Ryan from Blue? I didn't. I remember speaking to him before and I said, “Lee, don’t forget you’ve got to be on your best behaviour and remember there are cameras” and he promised to be on his best behaviour. He went in there – made the series and a huge stink, had a love triangle and who’d have thought that would have happened. He made brilliant TV. 

The Hollywood star always seems to be a winner as a contestant… 

Yes, I agree, they’re always great. On the whole they don’t have a clue about what’s going to happen to them. They’re quite naïve to it all and they think they’re going to take part in some TV show, get their cheque and go. I certainly don’t think Gary had any idea what would actually happen during his time in the house, but I think it dawned on him very quickly. I actually felt a bit sorry for Gary. He couldn’t hear a lot of what was happening as his hearing is impaired. He’s a very bright man and he did play it well at times. He was a thoroughly deserving winner. 

Any other moments you loved? 

You can’t forget Rylan and Speidi can you? That was mega. The arguments were immense. And then when you added Razor Ruddock into the mix it was fireworks. That series in particular was non-­‐stop rows and it did get extremely heated. 

Do you ever worry the contestants are actually going to have a fight in there? 

People will always clash in the Big Brother house and that can make fantastic viewing, however, Big Brother will always step in if there is a need to. The housemates’ health and safety is the most important thing for us. When Razor stood up out of that chair it was a frightening moment but we never thought he was ever actually going to do anything. It was more like a bark to calm everybody down. A strong bark! Jasmine Lennard was another one that seemed to go in there wanting an argument. She definitely managed to make an impression.

The show’s always cast impeccably – would you agree?

Definitely, that’s the best thing about the show. It’s always got a cast that the people behind the show know will make magic on screen. It’s always done so well. There’s a lot that goes into the thought process of how these characters are all going to work together. 

What’s been your favourite launch night twist? It’s become quite a thing hasn’t it? 

I think the more we do them the more we put pressure on ourselves to do things bigger and better! My favourite one was the launch night where Natalie Cassidy had the earpiece in from the very beginning. It showed what a great actress she actually is. She had to improvise from the get go and that was a hard thing to do but she thought on her feet and got on with it. It’s always the best the first time that sort of thing is done. It’s been recreated since but that one was fantastic. 

What can the CBB contestants expect this year?

I’ve seen the mood boards and the new eye for the series. It’s got me very excited. I’d describe it as a dark fairy tale theme. My favourite movie of late is Maleficent and it’s totally like that. Angelina Jolie is amazing in it. I’ve seen all these visuals and it literally looks like my favourite movie. I think I actually want to dress up for the launch night. I’d love to be the wicked, but tortured Queen. 

How would you fare if you went into the house? 

Terrible! I think I’d just be really dull for everyone. I’m a watcher, not a housemate. I’m great at narrating and being the host. But I think I’d just bore everyone to tears. The periods of not having anything to do in there would drive me mad. Saying that, I am quite adaptable with people and I can fit into any sort of situation. If I was forced to go in I could cope. I’d be Captain Sensible and that’s very boring to watch. I’d be the one missing my children and wanting to leave. I honestly wouldn’t want to burst my bubble on what I think it would be like to be inside for the series. I imagine it’s wonderful and would hate it if I couldn’t cope. 

What luxury item would you want to take in? 

My kids! But that’s not really a luxury item. I would definitely need a dishwasher too – they’re always doing the washing up. I’ve done my time of washing up and the minute I could afford a dishwasher that was the end of doing the dishes. I could never go back to doing that again. 

It’s cold out for you presenting the show outside – it’s not glamorous being out in the wind, snow and rain is it? 

It’s totally not glam out there on an eviction night. We’ve mastered the situation now and last year I wore a lot of tailored coats. It’s just too cold to be out there in a tiny dress. I decided to make coats my thing in the winter. I get so cold easily so it was important. Underneath was always very simple but if I did have to wear a dress or whatever then we bought a lot of thermal underwear and we cut it out to the shape of the dress. A couple of times on CBBBOTS Rylan was like, “Oh babe, you look amazing” and I’d take off my jacket and I would have thermals hanging out and thick tights. I’m always asked why I’m wearing granny tights – but if you had to stand there in the winter then you would be wearing them too. If I had to describe my style it’s granny tights, thermal underwear and a really nice coat.

Bit On The Side is still very much your baby these days? 

I still love everything about it and it’s where I get to be a fan again. I know I get a lot of stick from people saying I’m not impartial but I think I am. When you’re doing a debate show you have to post  positive and negative statements about everyone. I try not to be negative but if someone’s gone in there and acted like a plonker then how can I be impartial? It’s tricky in that respect. But I love it – I get to stand in a room with fellow Big Brother fans and talk about the show. Doing the main show I’m at the helm and running the show and be very professional but then late nights during the week I get to go into a little studio and talk to people who are just as bonkers about it as me. 

Rylan’s done super well as a presenter too, don’t you agree? 

He’s done so well. He honestly has. There was a very big question mark by a lot of people about what he would be like but he’s proved himself to be a fabulous presenter with a great future ahead of him. He’s won Big Brother too so he knows he has an audience there but he also loves the show. We are both as obsessed as each other. To do any spin-­‐off show you have got to be a fan of the show. 

What’s your best bit of advice for the voting public? 

It’s important to vote. You can never tell a BB viewer how to vote. People all have their own opinions and you can’t sway people once they’ve made their mind up. Every year when we have John McCririck on and everybody is up in arms. He always tells everyone not to vote out the interesting people and he’s right! But then you need the quiet nice ones too. You need light and shade. The controversy is needed but a mixture is what is best, the viewers are usually pretty good at what they do too. 

Since last summer the audience has more power with the CBB App – what do you think of that? 

It’s good! It’s the viewers show and the fans are very vocal about the fact they don’t want it to be manipulated from the inside so anything like an app that gives them a vote is a great thing. The viewers need to get to have a say about their show so I’m all for it. More power to the public! Lastly, how are you juggling being a mum-­‐of-­‐two, having Matt busy with McBusted and your career! My parents are amazing. I couldn’t do it without them. My parents are here for Matt and Me whenever we need them. Matt is busy every single day and night now and I’m out a lot. It’s been relatively quiet for the past couple of weeks and I’ve just been filming The Voice heats, staying at home as much as possible and doing my Heart radio show. It’s like the calm before the storm. I know I’m going to have three manic months back-­‐to-­‐back every day. So I try to take these periods of time to enjoy time with the kids. Once the show starts in January I’m going to be calling my parents a lot.

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