'Would I like to do The Voice? ‘Yes of course I would!'

How did you feel when you got offered the presenting job on The Voice UK?

I couldn’t believe it because I didn’t even know it was happening! I got a phone call to say I had been offered The Voice UK but I had not even met them. They just asked me if I would like to do it. I was like ‘Yes of course I would!’ I was then not allowed to tell anybody and it really was an ‘OMG’ moment. I was so excited. I had watched the previous two series before.

What do you love about the show?

The thing that I fell in love with was the minute you saw those chairs. You are willing the contestants to do well and now having spent time with them, I love it so much.

Have the contestants’ stories pulled at your heartstrings?

I cried quite a few times. I am a bit of a soft touch, to be honest, and so I really felt for the contestants. You are willing them on. You really want them to succeed. They are just incredible. For some, you also see their whole dream crumble in front of them. But even when people did not get through, they said the experience alone had been phenomenal. The input from the coaches and production team is priceless. In that way, I find it such a positive show. Will, especially, is very happy to give out his email address to people he thinks are amazing. Even if you don’t get through, you walk out with Will’s email address!

Do you think the contestants have a lot of guts?

Yes they do as some are shaking so much. Some people have never sung on stage before - they have only ever sung at a barbecue! And so to go out there on the stage and sing in front of 600 people is scary, let alone the huge superstars listening to them. They are big names. It must be terrifying.

It is a massive opportunity though. You have seen first hand what it is like with the experience of your own husband…

It’s a really big thing. That’s why I invest so much time in them. I have seen first hand what it is like to have a huge amount of success. I have also seen first hand what it is like to lose that success. I do have a lot of empathy with them as I have seen it at its best and at its worse. It is not easy.

Do your motherly instincts kick in?

Definitely! Some people bring their kids and I am a sucker for kids. You go on a little adventure with them. You want the best for them.

How do you get on with Marvin?

He is brilliant. He is a lovely guy. He is really good at presenting. He is so natural and this is where he comes from. This kind of show is what we know him from. He has invaluable experience and knowledge of how the contestants feel and what they are going through. He is really in touch with them on that level. He is so easy going. We hang out together in between filming and it is really nice to be doing a show with someone you get on with. We both have kids of a similar age and so we talk about babies a lot!

Has there been a lot of banter with the coaches yet?

We are getting there. During the auditions, you are behind the scenes, but we are now starting to film the battle and knockout stages and so you get a lot more banter on stage. Kylie is your mum, Tom is your dad, Ricky is your cheeky little brother and Will is the naughty uncle you want to go out with for a drink!

Are you looking forward to glamming it up on the live shows?

Yes, it is always a nice excuse to glam up. I am very nervous about the live shows. It’s the BBC and it is a big audience. But with nerves comes adrenaline and with adrenaline comes excitement. Nobody knows what is going to happen.

Do you feel under pressure to succeed?

Completely. I am trying not to think about it but I am really excited about the whole thing too. The talent is phenomenal, the coaches are phenomenal and so now I just hope Marvin and I don’t mess it up!

You must be so pleased with the way your career is going?

Aww thanks. It’s going good at the minute but you never know, it all might go terribly!

How do you juggle The Voice UK with your home life as a mum?

It is good because Matt is around as well and my parents are around. Between the four of us we manage it. The Voice UK is a good chunk of a commitment but it is ok.

Do you think there is already a stand-out winner?

It really is an amazing opportunity. In my opinion, there are three potentials. I am not the coach or the audience but I would say there are three who are outstanding. One in particular, I think, has got the whole package. But I will say no more!